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Our Winter Solstice Candle Collection online launch is here! These candles are specially formulated, created and infused with 100% Natural Soy Wax, Healing Stones, Wood Wicks and phthalate-free, paraben-free fragrance.

Evoking Winter Nostalgia, Nature Elements, Magic and Joy in a peaceful crackling wood wick. These scents have all been such a great hit at all of our in-person markets and we're also happy to help select your favourites! 

Bannock & Jam - A delicious balance of Strawberry Jam and Fresh Baked Bannock that will leave you feeling warm and cozy.

Cedar & Smoke - A nostalgic and rustic escape to a Winter Campfire with warm notes of Earthy Cedar. 

Earths Tobacco - A unique blend of Rich and Sweet Tobacco & Vanilla with an earthy spice of Cardamom that will immerse yourself in a calm and peaceful state.

Winter Solstice - A Winter favourite featuring notes of Clove, Cedar, Fir Needles and hints of Eucalyptus evoking a nostalgic scent of Winter Trees and warmth. 

Sweetgrass - A calm and purifying scent that brings a sense of Harmony and Peace to any space.  

Birch & Berry - A sweet scent that immerses the harmony of Birch Wood and Vibrant Berries blending nature's beauty.

Snow & Sage - Capturing the crispness of the season, this scent transports you to a serene Winter Landscape with the aroma of Sage creating a sense of tranquility 

8 oz. | Lasting burn time 30+ hours